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Patient Financial Assistance

Phelps Health provides healthcare at no charge or at a reduced charge to those who meet the financial need requirements. Financial assistance is generally for people who do not have other financial resources available, such as insurance, government programs or regular income.

Financial assistance is determined by gross income, net worth, assets, family size, available resources and expected future income.

  • Financial assistance for medically necessary services is available on a sliding scale of up to 100% of gross charges, and up to a full waiver of co-payments after third-party insurance proceeds based on poverty level.
  • A discount up to 100% may be extended to those uninsured or underinsured patients whose family income is equal to or less than 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • Lesser discounts are available, based on facility guidelines, to those patients with income that exceed 150% and is equal to or less than 225% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

For more information about the Financial Assistance Program at Phelps Health, please call (573) 458-7715.

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