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Phelps Health Patient Shares Experience as Services Reopen

Hand heart over Phelps Health campus
Phelps Health is open, safe and ready to help people with their healthcare needs.

Published on June 4, 2020

As Phelps Health has been gradually reopening services to patients and the community, precautions are being taken to ensure these services are restarted responsibly.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, certain elective surgeries, procedures and tests at Phelps Health were temporarily delayed earlier this year, but these services are progressively being reintroduced at this time.

As more services become available, the health and safety of patients, staff and visitors remains Phelps Health’s top priority.

Waynesville resident Staci Tomlinson is one individual who recently received care at Phelps Health as services began to reopen.

Tomlinson, who is 28 years old, was referred to Phelps Health for a procedure to be performed by Beena J.S. Green, MD, FACOG, an obstetrics/gynecology physician with the Phelps Health Medical Group.

“I was informed I had to get blood work, so I went to Phelps Health Hospital in Rolla,” she recalled.

Upon entry to the hospital, Tomlinson went through a screening process, which involved her answering a few questions about her health and having her temperature taken.

“I was in and out fast,” she said of getting her blood drawn at the hospital lab.

On the day of her procedure with Dr. Green, Tomlinson arrived at Phelps Health and called her doctor’s office and the Radiology Department from her vehicle. “I think I got a text back in about one and a half minutes,” she said. “The whole process was super easy.”

Appointment times are being scheduled so patients are spaced apart. Because of this protocol, patients are asked to arrive on time – not too early -- for their appointments to help reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses.

In addition, visitor restrictions are still in place at Phelps Health. Patients are encouraged to talk with their provider’s office if they are unsure if they can bring someone with them to their appointment.

Tomlinson was asked to wait in her vehicle until her care team was ready for her.

“My care team at Phelps Health was so helpful and told me exactly what was going on,” Tomlinson said. “They put me in a room by myself, and Dr. Green walked me through everything. It ran very smoothly.”

Tomlinson said she could not recall running into other patients during her visit to Phelps Health. “I felt safe, and everybody was wearing masks and gloves. I had my mask on, too,” she said.

Universal masking is required for both patients and staff at all Phelps Health facilities, and all individuals are asked to follow social distancing and hand hygiene guidelines throughout the hospital and clinics.

Tomlinson noted that staff at Phelps Health during her procedure and appointment were as personable and friendly as always.

Phelps Health is open, safe and ready to help people with their healthcare needs.

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