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Ask a Donor: Andrew Miller Explains Why He Gives Back

Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller says he prefers to support local charities so that he can directly see their impact in our community.

Published on February 6, 2020

How did you first get involved with Phelps Health Foundation?

My wife and I moved to Rolla, MO, in 2016, when she was hired at Phelps Health. She was introduced to Phelps Health during a rotation while in graduate school. She discovered a passion for this community and the importance of providing excellent healthcare here. Her passion brought us to this area and inspires my passion for the Foundation’s mission. I am passionate about healthcare being available in our community, so I have attended many Phelps Health Foundation events.

What made you first start donating to the Foundation?

I prefer to support local charities so that I can directly see their impact in our community. As the largest employer in the area and the local source for high-quality healthcare in our community, Phelps Health is a crucial public institution to support, and Phelps Health Foundation allows me to do so.

What do you think the Foundation has done that is inspiring?

As I started to learn more about the Foundation, I realized there are dozens of programs that provide key resources and support for members of our community when they need it most. Many of these programs and the people involved work every day with little public recognition to improve the lives of the people they help. To me, that is the most incredible and powerful impact the Foundation has on the community.

What do you wish other people knew about Phelps Health Foundation?

Philanthropy and community engagement do not have to be about money. Everyone has skills and time, which can be invaluable to the Foundation and the community. My involvement with the Foundation started when I asked someone from the Foundation how I could help. I would encourage everyone to look for the ways that your specific talents can help our community. Creating a better tomorrow takes everyone working together to make an impact.

Why do you think interest in the Foundation seems to be growing?

In the Rolla community, you can see the direct impact that giving has. Giving to local organizations like Phelps Health makes a tangible difference in our community for individuals that we work with, see in the grocery store or sit with at T-ball games.

What does philanthropy mean to you? How do you put it into action?

To me, philanthropy is responding generously to the needs of our community to share the opportunities and blessings that I have been given. My family instilled in me the importance of philanthropy and, like most families, there are times when we benefit from the philanthropy of others and times when we are able to give back. Whether you have time, talent or money, you can find a way to use your gifts to help others.

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