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Medical Records

Did you know? Patients can now request their medical records through their MyChart account.

Instead of requesting your records via paper forms, with MyChart, you can get copies of medical records for yourself or share your records with the following individuals:

  • Family members
  • Caregivers
  • Healthcare providers (including those at other healthcare organizations)

Please note: At this time, you can only request your own records, not records on proxy accounts (accounts you manage on behalf of someone else).

You can choose to have your records sent to your MyChart account, or you can have them faxed, emailed or mailed to you.

Learn more about sharing your medical records, using the step-by-step guide.

For questions, contact the Health Information Management Department at (573) 458-7550.


Phelps Health believes that patients deserve access to their medical records. Upon request, patients can receive a copy of their record provided that Phelps Health receives a HIPAA-compliant authorization for the records requested. The Health Information Release Form must be filled out in its entirety, making sure every line has been completed. Drug and alcohol records are federally protected, and the authorization must be initialed accordingly in order to release this information. The release must be signed and dated within the last year, and when picking up your requested records, a photo ID must be presented. Please allow 30 days processing time for all requested medical records.

Authorization for Release of Information

Patients requesting and picking up their records for personal use will be charged a maximum fee of $6.50. In accordance to Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 191 Health and Welfare, Section 191.227, Phelps Health charges a retrieval fee of $27.46 and $0.63 per page for medical records. 

If radiology films are needed, please contact the Radiology Department at (573) 458-7770.

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