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Patient Finds Relief From Edema Thanks to Phelps Health Occupational Therapy

Cindy Dack
Cindy Dack found relief from edema after sessions with Phelps Health occupational therapists.

Published on September 16, 2022

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For about 5 years, Dixon-area resident Cindy Dack simply dealt with edema, a condition that causes swelling due to excess fluid trapped in a person’s body tissues.

“I lived thinking that this was going to be the way it was forever,” she said.

The edema, which caused swelling in her thighs, made her feel uncomfortable. Even tasks like trying on pants were difficult.

“It's embarrassing to have extra fluid in your thighs,” she said, adding that edema can be tiring.

While liposuction was a recommended option, that course of treatment was neither something that Cindy nor her primary care provider felt was the right choice. In addition, Cindy noted liposuction can be invasive, costly and time-consuming.

Her primary care provider recommended Cindy consider a treatment option involving the manipulation and compression of lymph nodes for edema provided by occupational therapists at Phelps Health Outpatient Therapy Services.

“So, I went home, did some research on it and felt really good about the program,” Cindy said. “It just made a whole lot of sense.”

Cindy went to therapy sessions at Phelps Health three times a week for several weeks. Cindy noted the two occupational therapists who helped her – Kathy and Kelly – were excellent and explained what they were doing during the sessions.

With the treatment plan, the therapists helped Cindy identify different points on her body that could be manipulated to get rid of the fluid in her thighs.

Cindy consistently attended and looked forward to her therapy sessions.

“It was just so positive, and they [Kathy and Kelly] have great senses of humor,” Cindy said. “Their bedside manner probably [contributed to about] 50% of the healing that was taking place.”

Each time Cindy went to a therapy session, the therapists took measurements of her thighs. Cindy recalled seeing positive results soon after her first few sessions and noticed that her legs began feeling better.

The therapists also showed Cindy and her husband how to do the manipulations and compressions at home, as well as answered any questions that she or her husband had.

“They [Kathy and Kelly] were very knowledgeable. What I received from Kathy and Kelly was real hope, action and results from the get-go,” Cindy said. “I was treated with professionalism…and the encouragement I received…was really amazing.”

Cindy said she highly recommends the services offered by Outpatient Therapy Services.

Seeing her results and knowing that she didn’t have to struggle with edema anymore was encouraging to Cindy.

“I feel a little bit better educated about my body and how it works, and that's always appreciated, too,” she said.

Do You Struggle With Edema?

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