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Do You Have a Primary Care Doctor?

Published on August 15, 2018

A primary care provider, or primary care physician (PCP), is what most people simply call their “doctor.” A PCP is usually board-certified in family medicine or internal medicine, but a pediatrician (a doctor for kids) or gynecologist (a women’s health doctor) also can be considered PCPs.

Having a PCP is an important part of making sure you stay healthy throughout your life. He or she can help you with preventive care (healthcare that includes health screenings, routine check-ups, shots, labs, etc.). Your PCP also can identify and treat diseases and illnesses. If you need additional care, your PCP can help make sure you are seen by a specialist (a doctor who has more training in a particular disease or illness).

When you choose a PCP, you are forming a lasting relationship and making sure someone you trust is helping you make important decisions about your health. You and your PCP are partners and will work together to decide the best health and wellness choices for you.

For More Information

If you would like to begin care with a primary care provider at Phelps Health, please call (573) 364-9000 or click here to find out more about primary care.

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