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Sponsorship and Fund Requests

If you would like Phelps Health to consider a request for sponsorship, charitable donation or support for a community event, please submit your request by clicking the button below:

Submit a Sponsorship/Fund Request

*Note: The sponsorship request form is only compatible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari.


Phelps Health receives numerous requests for financial funding from community groups and organizations. As a nonprofit hospital, Phelps Health is supportive of community efforts which align with Phelps Health’s mission, vision and values. The following sponsorship guidelines are designed to help identify which financial requests, including charitable donations, event sponsorships and in-kind donations, best serve Phelps Health’s interests, our patients and local communities.


Organizations, activities and events that promote Phelps Health’s mission, vision and values will be given top priority when determining potential financial support. In addition, activities and events which promote health, health education, wellness and healthy living also will be given significant consideration. Due to the high volume of funding requests each year, not all sponsorship applications will be approved.


To be eligible to receive funding from Phelps Health, the following criteria must be met:

  • The event or activity must align with Phelps Health’s mission, vision and values.
  • The event or activity must involve, foster or support healthy activities or behaviors.
  • The event or activity must directly benefit the patients and/or communities served by Phelps Health
  • The event or activity must support numerous participants/beneficiaries.
  • The event or activity must promote Phelps Health’s overall brand in a positive context.
  • The event or activity must foster a partnership, relationship and/or collaboration with like-minded community stakeholders, organizations and businesses.

Phelps Health will not approve the following sponsorship/fund requests:

  • Political activities, events, endeavors or endorsements
  • Activities or events that support individuals
  • Activities or events that do not promote/foster the health and wellness of patients, residents and communities served by Phelps Health
  • Activities or events that do not promote/foster Phelps Health in a positive light and could potentially damage the medical center’s reputation
  • Sponsorships/fund requests that do not credit Phelps Health


All sponsorship/fund requests will be reviewed by Phelps Health’s Sponsorship Committee. The applicant will receive an email or letter indicating the Committee’s decision. Applicants are encouraged to review the sponsorship/fund guidelines and submit an application several months before the funds are needed. 

To submit a sponsorship/fund request, applicants must complete the following:

  • Review the application guidelines.
  • Electronically submit the Phelps Health sponsorship/fund request form here.

Call (573) 458-7954 for any questions about the sponsorship form.