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Reopening Healthcare Services: What You Need to Know

As certain services begin to reopen at Phelps Health, please remember that this process will be gradual and done in phases. If we notice a surge of COVID-19 patients at Phelps Health, we will reassess which services we can offer and make the appropriate changes.

At Phelps Health, we are following guidelines from national, state and local health organizations to ensure that our facilities are safe for when you come in for an appointment.

Over the next few weeks, we will begin reintroducing some of the elective surgeries, procedures and tests that were temporarily delayed. We are taking every precaution to ensure these services are restarted responsibly, and our priority remains to protect the safety of our staff, patients and communities.

Do Not Delay Emergency Care

If you have an emergency, please call 911 or visit your nearest emergency department. The Phelps Health Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For those patients experiencing respiratory-type illnesses (including COVID-19), our drive-through respiratory screening station, located in the Phelps Health and Missouri University of Science and Technology parking lot off of 10th Street, is open from 8:00 AM-4:30 PM Mondays through Fridays. If the drive-through station is closed, patients should go to the Emergency Department to be seen. 

Appointment Reminders

In order to ensure your safety, and the safety of other patients and staff at Phelps Health, we have implemented precautions to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19. We are working to create a safe environment for patients who need to seek care at our hospital and clinics. When you arrive at Phelps Health for your appointment, be prepared to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Please review our visitor policy prior to arriving at Phelps Health. For a list of limited exceptions to visitor restrictions, click here.
  • Be prepared for a general wellness screening upon arrival. (This screening includes checking your temperature and for signs of respiratory symptoms.)
  • Universal masking is required, so be sure to bring a mask to wear when coming to and during your appointment. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you.
  • Follow social distancing guidelines when moving throughout Phelps Health Hospital or clinics.
  • Do not arrive early to your appointment. Arrive on time to help reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Follow any instructions given by your provider or care team regarding your appointment.

Telehealth Visits

You can still see your Phelps Health providers virtually through Telehealth visits, which are a safe, secure and confidential way for you to visit remotely with your provider from your smartphone with audio and video capabilities. A majority of our clinics and providers’ offices are now offering this service. To learn more about Telehealth visits, please call your provider’s office. 

Healthcare Workers

Like all patients who visit our facilities, our staff are screened before entering our locations. Our healthcare workers practice universal masking when caring for our patients.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

We also continue to thoroughly clean and disinfect all of our facilities on a regular basis, so you can feel comfortable you are in a safe and clean environment when receiving care at Phelps Health.

Our Mission Remains the Same

At Phelps Health, our mission to improve the health and wellness of people in our region has not changed. We will continue to be here to provide you and your family with the same high-quality healthcare you know and trust, and we will get through this time together.

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