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KeyCare Video Visit is Right on Time for Rolla Mother

Lindsey Bartholomew
KeyCare video visits are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

Published on April 6, 2024

Read Time: 3 Minutes

Three Things to Know

  • Rolla resident Lindsey Bartholomew recently used KeyCare for a video doctor’s visit, when she was home sick with the flu.
  • Through the MyChart app, Lindsey was able to visit with a doctor from the comfort of her own bed.
  • Her KeyCare physician determined that she had the flu and prescribed an antiviral medication for her. Lindsey is feeling better and described the process as simple and efficient.

It’s past 5:00 PM, and you’re tucked in bed fighting what feels like the flu. Leaving home for a doctor’s visit seems daunting, especially with young children to care for. That’s where KeyCare steps in.

Enter KeyCare

Phelps Health has partnered with KeyCare, a leading virtual care provider, to offer seamless healthcare access from licensed providers through the patient’s MyChart account. MyChart is Phelps Health’s secure and easy-to-use patient portal. Video visits are a great option to treat a wide range of minor, routine medical issues.

For Rolla resident Lindsey Bartholomew, age 40, KeyCare was a game-changer.

“I was pretty sure I had the flu, and I was very sick,” she said. “I could barely get out of bed, so I didn’t want to go to the doctor’s office.”

With a KeyCare video visit, Lindsey found relief without leaving her bed.

“I logged on to the MyChart app and clicked on the menu,” Lindsey said. “The KeyCare option was at the very top, and I just followed the prompts. Next thing you know, I'm talking face-to-face with a doctor.”

KeyCare visits are easy to access, requiring just an internet connection and a mobile phone, computer or tablet. Lindsey’s experience highlights the simplicity and effectiveness of the process.

“The process was very efficient,” said Lindsey. “The KeyCare doctor was very thorough and made sure that I felt comfortable.”

What’s more, KeyCare integrates seamlessly with Phelps Health’s medical records, ensuring continuity of care.  

“The doctor asked me the reason for my visit, how I was feeling and what my symptoms were,” said Lindsey. “After reviewing everything that I had told him, he narrowed it down to two different things that it could be – the flu or COVID.”

Since Lindsey had a COVID-19 test on hand, her provider instructed her to take it, and she did. The test came back negative.

“He told me that it was definitely the flu,” said Lindsey. “He then called in my medicine, and I was able to pick it up right away. It was all very simple.”

Seamless Integration

If you are concerned about drug interactions, KeyCare has the ability to retrieve and share electronic patient records for all patients just like MyChart. Patients shouldn’t have to reenter medical history such as medications and medical conditions. After the video visit, the visit note will be available in the Phelps Health electronic medical record system, so that a patient’s regular provider(s) can access the notes.

In Lindsey’s case, her doctor encouraged her to follow up with her regular Phelps Health provider, if her symptoms didn’t improve. This visit and her prescribed medication, however, solved her medical issue at hand.

Since her visit, Lindsey has been recommending the KeyCare service to friends and family. The Rolla mom will likely use it again, for herself or for her children, should the need arise.

“I got Tamiflu (an antiviral medication used to treat the flu), and I honestly started feeling better really quickly,” Lindsey said. “If I didn’t have [access to] KeyCare, I probably wouldn't have gone to the doctor in this case. KeyCare made it where I could see a doctor from the comfort of my own home and get what I needed.”

Healthcare on Your Own Terms

KeyCare offers peace of mind for a flat fee of $59. It’s a self-pay service that’s easy to use, especially for those with electronic health records like MyChart.

KeyCare visits are not intended for individuals with government-payor programs. Patients can still call their Phelps Health doctor or provider’s office to schedule a telehealth visit, if their provider offers this service. Patients can also use the Phelps Health Walk-In Clinics or another clinic closest to them. Watch a step-by-step video of the KeyCare process here.

The next time you’re feeling under the weather, consider KeyCare for convenient, quality healthcare – right at your fingertips.

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