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Around Phelps Health

Around Phelps Health is a video series, where we show you a behind-the-scenes look at our healthcare teams, facilities and service lines.

Episode 5 - "In the Kitchen" - Balsamic Chicken Recipe

Balsamic chicken  Join us for a brand new Around Phelps Health
  segment, Phelps Health - "In the Kitchen,"
  featuring delicious and healthy recipes,
  like this balsamic chicken, you can easily
  recreate at home. Watch video

Episode 4 - Mammograms

Breast Center 3D mammography  Did you know? The Phelps Health Comprehensive
  Breast Center screens approximately 5,000 patients
  per year. Yearly mammograms are recommended
  for women starting at age 40. Watch video


Episode 3 - Knee Replacement Surgery

Holding Knee Model  Did you know? About 300 total knee replacements are
  performed annually at Phelps Health. When determining
  whether you are a good candidate for knee surgery,
  your doctor will consider many factors, including your
  knee’s range of motion, stability and strength. Watch video

Episode 2 - Robotic Surgery

da Vinci Xi Robot  Did you know? Phelps Health has offered robotic-
  assisted surgeries since 2017. The da Vinci robotic
  system can be used during hernia repairs,
  hysterectomies, gall bladder procedures and other
  surgeries of the abdomen. Watch video


Episode 1 - Colonoscopies

Around Phelps Health 1

  Did you know? People age 45 and older who are at average
  risk for colorectal cancer should  get regular screenings.
  Colonoscopies are a valuable tool to help detect colorectal 
  cancer early. Watch video

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