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Phelps Health Podcast and Radio

Phelps Health hosts a live radio show each week and a recorded podcast twice per month. All shows and recordings are uploaded for you to listen to at your convenience. 

KTTR Ask the Professionals

Phelps Health is live every Thursday at 9:00 AM on 99.7 FM, KTTR - Ask the Professionals show. Learn from healthcare providers and professionals on a variety of health and wellness topics. 

The Scope

The Scope podcast is dedicated to having open conversations about healthcare topics relevant to our patients and community. Whether you are trying to answer your own healthcare questions or want to be more informed when scheduling appointments for loved ones, this show is dedicated to helping you become more knowledgeable and involved. 

Listen to our shows while you're on the go! Don't forget to follow us, so you will be notified about new episodes. 


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Urology, Womens Health, OBGYN, Heart and Vascular, Cardiology