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Do You Know the Risk Factors for Breast Cancer?

October 13, 2021

Read Time: Three Minutes By Kan Huang, MD, PhD Phelps Health Other than skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women. Approximately one in eight women in the US will be ...

Answering Common Questions About COVID-19 and Children

September 23, 2021

Read Time: Four Minutes Erik AuBuchon, DO, who specializes in internal medicine and pediatrics at Phelps Health, answers common questions about COVID-19 and children. Are children less likely to be severely ill from COVID-19 than ...

Healthy Living and Wound Care

September 22, 2021

Read Time: Seven Minutes Candy Sadler, AGNP, WOCN, who specializes in wound and ostomy care at Phelps Health, talks about how healthy living relates to wound care. Candy is an adult-geriatric nurse practitioner (AGNP), who ...

Third Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine Available to Immunocompromised

September 3, 2021

Read Time: Two Minutes The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has amended the emergency use authorizations (EUAs) for both the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to allow certain immunocompromised individuals -- specifically, solid organ ...

How Were COVID-19 Vaccines Produced So Quickly?

September 3, 2021

Read Time: Two Minutes Brian Kriete, MD, an ear, nose and throat (ENT) physician with the Phelps Health Medical Group, shares information about COVID-19 vaccine safety and the speed of the vaccination rollout. “I know ...

What to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines for Teens

September 3, 2021

Read Time: Two Minutes Katie Cameron, MD, a pediatrician with the Phelps Health Medical Group, offers helpful tips and shares information about the COVID-19 vaccine for adolescents ages 12 and up. “The [COVID-19] vaccines have ...

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