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Telehealth and telemedicine capabilities that use secure audio and video connections are available at Phelps Health for certain situations including checkups as well as minor illnesses and injuries or maternal and fetal medicine. 

Telehealth Visits: Connect with Your Care Provider from Anywhere

Telehealth visits are a safe, secure and confidential way for you to visit remotely with your healthcare provider from your smartphone, tablet or computer with an internet connection and audio-video capabilities.

Not all healthcare appointments can be done through a telehealth visit, but for minor illnesses and injuries, such as a sore throat, urinary tract infections, allergies, bug bites or stings, minor cuts or bruises, headaches, diarrhea, ear or sinus infections and other similar conditions, a telehealth visit may be a great--and convenient--option for you or your loved ones.

A majority of Phelps Health providers offer telehealth visits. When you call your doctor's office to make an appointment, ask if your appointment can be done through a telehealth visit. If so, you will receive instructions on how to participate in a telehealth visit with your doctor.

One great way to sign up for telehealth visits is through Phelps Health MyChart. If you are a patient of the Delbert Day Cancer Institute, you can connect with your care provider with a video visit using Google Duo

“I spoke with the doctor, and it felt personal. It [telehealth visit] was nice, almost like a house call. I’d definitely recommend them.”

- Margaret Roberts, Phelps Health Patient

“Once I got connected, it was flawless. It was just like being there [in-person]…My experience was top-notch. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

- John “Keith” Livingstone, Phelps Health Patient

Maternal and Fetal Medicine

Phelps Health has partnered with SSM Health to provide high-risk pregnancy care using telemedicine. Phelps Health is one of four outreach locations for SSM Health’s Maternal and Fetal Care Center.

Through the TeleTouch software, women with high-risk pregnancies can receive ultrasounds and consultation services via telemedicine technology. A sonographer in the patient’s room can perform an ultrasound while a maternal and fetal medicine physician remotes into the exam room and views the images in real-time.


Phelps Health has partnered with SOC Telemed to offer emergency and inpatient teleneurology services to patients in south-central Missouri. Teleneurology is a branch of telemedicine in which neurological consultations are offered to patients by a remote neurologist (from SOC Telemed) using modern communications technology, such as videoconferencing. Learn more about teleneurology.


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