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Financial Navigators

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How We Can Help You

Our Financial Navigators provide education to patients about their insurance coverage, helping patients understand anticipated out-of-pocket costs, and connect patients with support programs. Goals of our Financial Navigators include the following:

  • Discussing the cost of treatment with patients and families and understanding their financial needs
  • Helping eligible patients obtain insurance coverage through Medicare, Medicaid and marketplace exchanges
  • Helping patients identify financial support from nongovernment sources

Our Financial Navigators services are designed to facilitate access to care for patients, help determine if they are eligible for support from an array of sources and assist them in applying for support.

In addition, we provide uninsured or self-pay patients with good faith estimates for scheduled services or upon request.

Additional Resources

Our Financial Navigators can offer the following resources to patients:

  • Screening for the following:
    • Medicaid eligibility
    • Medicare eligibility
    • Marketplace insurance
  • Zero percent financing options
  • Payment plans
  • Financial assistance
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