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Estimate Your Healthcare Cost

Price Estimator Tool

Knowing the cost of your care is important. With our price estimator tool, you can be better informed about your healthcare costs. Click on the link below to get started on estimating your out-of-pocket expenses for a variety of services available at Phelps Health.

Estimate Your Cost


Frequently Asked Questions

Medical bill estimates are based on many factors, and each patient’s case is unique. 

FAQs About Healthcare Costs


What Information You Need

To ensure we are providing the most accurate cost estimate for your care, you will need to provide the following specific information:

  • Patient’s personal information
  • Insurance information (Please have your insurance card available.)
  • Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code


Understanding Your Price Estimate

Please note that the cost estimate you receive could be more or less than your final bill. Certain factors, such as the actual services performed or changes in your coverage, may affect the actual amount you owe.

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