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Phelps Health ENT Providers Offer All-Inclusive Services

Phelps Health ENT physician Dr. Judyann Krenning cares for a patient
Phelps Health’s ENT (ear, nose and throat) care team offers all-inclusive services to people of all ages.

Published on January 20, 2020

You may need help managing your allergies, or your tonsils may need to be removed. You might be having trouble with dizziness or balance, or you may need a biopsy to check for head and neck cancer.

Whatever the reason, the ear, nose and throat (ENT) providers with the Phelps Health Medical Group have you covered. That is because Phelps Health’s ENT care team offers all-inclusive services to people of all ages.

“We cover newborns to 100-plus,” said Judyann Krenning, MD, a Phelps Health ENT physician and surgeon. Dr. Krenning has seen patients who are 100 years old as well as newborns in the Phelps Health Nursery.

Dr. Krenning is one of several care providers with the Phelps Health ENT group. Brian Kriete, MD, and Mary Doellman, DO, also are Phelps Health ENT physicians and surgeons (also known as otolaryngologists).

In addition, Physician Assistant (PA) Jennifer Bremer collaborates with Dr. Krenning, while Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Candace Chafton works with Dr. Kriete. These five providers work closely with Phelps Health Audiologist Dr. Larry Mazzeo, too.

The Phelps Health ENT care team has both medical and surgical specialty training. “This means we are knowledgeable in dermatology, endoscopy, rheumatology and pediatrics,” Dr. Krenning explained. “We also can surgically correct many different issues.”

Among the many things that makes Phelps Health’s ENT providers special is their team approach to caring for patients. While each Phelps Health ENT provider specializes in certain areas, they share their extensive knowledge with each other to keep up to date with the latest techniques.

“We also understand our patient population well,” said Dr. Krenning, noting that many of the providers were born and raised in south-central Missouri.

ENT providers can care for a variety of conditions and issues above the collarbone, including sinuses, thyroid and parathyroid diseases, allergies, ear problems, earwax removal, enlarged tonsils, dizziness, ear tumors, swallowing disorders, reflux disorders, voice disorders, nasal obstructions, and head and neck cancers.

The Phelps Health ENT providers can help children with ear problems, ear tubes, tonsils as well as the removal of foreign bodies in the ears, nose and throat. Phelps Health offers a full range of allergy testing, as well.

“For pediatric as well as adult patients, we have even been called in to help with airway problems for, say, a burn patient,” Dr. Krenning said.

ENT services are offered at the Phelps Health Medical Group at 600 Blues Lake Parkway in Rolla, MO, and the Phelps Health Waynesville Medical Plaza in Waynesville, MO. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call (573) 364-5719.

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