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Organ and Tissue Donation

The gift of life is often viewed as the ultimate act of selflessness and generosity a person can bestow to another individual. By registering to become an organ and tissue donor, you could potentially help individuals in need.

For many years, Phelps Health has partnered with Mid-America Transplant (MT) to help ensure individuals in need of a transplant have a second chance at life. Although physicians at Phelps Health do not perform transplants, the medical center works with MT, which coordinates the procurement of vital organs, tissues and eyes in health systems throughout eastern and southern Missouri, southern Illinois and northeastern Arkansas.

Many Phelps Health patients have been organ and tissue donors and made the generous decision to give the gift of life.

Why Is Donation Important?

Thousands of people die each day due to a lack of organ and tissue donors. An organ donor can save the lives of eight people and enrich the lives of at least 50 more.

Who Can Be a Donor?

Anyone can register to be a donor; however, an individual’s medical state, not age or illness, at the time of death will decide what organs and tissues can be given. The opportunity for donation is assessed on a case-by-case basis at the individual’s time of death.

How Can I Register?

Becoming an organ and tissue donor in Missouri is easy. You can read more about donation types, learn the facts and register here.

How Do I Make My Decision Known?

The key is communication. Tell your family, friends, faith leader and physician about your intent of becoming an organ and tissue donor in order for your life-saving decision to be honored.

The Gift of Life

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