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The cancer services team at the Phelps Health Delbert Day Cancer Institute (DDCI) provides additional support services that work together with exceptional oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, physicians, nurse practitioners and pathologists.

A cancer diagnosis is life-changing, and the cancer services team at Phelps Health is here to provide the much-needed support and resources during patients’ journeys – from screening, to diagnosis, to treatment and into survivorship.

The Phelps Health Delbert Day Cancer Institute offers the following cancer support services:

Oncology Nurse Navigator

  • Personal guidance through the complex journey of cancer treatment
  • Patient advocate who helps address individual needs and barriers to cancer care
  • Connects individuals with resources to address barriers to cancer care
  • Provides additional explanation for patients to ensure understanding of individualized oncology treatment plans
  • Assists with care coordination through other departments and facilities

To contact the Oncology Nurse Navigator, email or call (573) 458-7164.

Nutrition Support Services

  • Provides techniques for coping with side effects of cancer treatments
  • Provides information about nutritional supplements
  • Provides information on complementary nutritional therapy
  • Assists with weight loss prevention
  • Provides general nutritional counseling during treatment and recovery
  • Provides information on reducing cancer risk with healthy lifestyle tips

To contact the licensed Registered Dietitian, email or call (573) 458-8337.

Social Work Support

  • Assistance with accessing financial, educational and community resources
  • Assistance with accessing support groups
  • Counseling to reduce stress/anxiety
  • Education and assistance in completing the Durable Power of Attorney for healthcare and healthcare directives
  • Assistance with transportation needs

To contact the Oncology Social Worker, email or call (573) 458-8339.

Financial Navigation Services

  • Enrollment assistance with Medicare (including Parts A, B, C, D and Medicare supplements)
  • Enrollment assistance with the Affordable Care Act Missouri Health Insurance Marketplace and secondary insurance(s)
  • Guidance/enrollment assistance in federal or state health insurance coverage and/or programs
  • Assistance with questions specific to active health insurance coverage benefits, including billing or payment concerns
  • Assistance with applying for copayment assistance and copay reimbursement programs to reduce out-of-pocket medication costs

To contact the Oncology Financial Navigator, email or call (573) 458-7476.

Support Groups

Cancer poses many challenges for patients and their families. The DDCI recommends the following cancer support organizations. We encourage patients to visit the links below to learn more about local meeting and educational opportunities:

4th Angel

4th Angel (Patients and caregivers are matched with trained volunteers)

(866) 520-3197

American Cancer Society (ACS)

American Cancer Society

(800) 227-2345 (The ACS offers a 24/7 cancer helpline)



(800) 813-4673

Cancer Support Community

Cancer Support Community

(314) 238-2000 (Based out of St. Louis)

Project Win

Project Win (For Dent County residents)

(573) 247-1367

Lung Cancer Support Line

Email (For financial assistance, lodging or transportation to/from medical appointments)

(844) 835-4325

Define Your Shine

  • Define Your Shine is a free program open to all cancer patients in the community. In this class, participants will learn about ways to manage side effects related to their appearance from cancer treatments.
  • Class topics include tips for makeup, skin care, wigs, head coverings and more.
  • Classes are held on the first Monday of each month. Attendees will receive a complimentary kit filled with beauty and skin care prod­ucts to help them look and feel their best.
  • Please remember the Define Your Shine program is non­medical, which means participants will need to discuss any medical questions or concerns, such as potential product reactions or skin irritations, with their healthcare provider.

For more information about Define Your Shine, contact our Oncology Nurse Navigator by email or by calling (573) 458-7164.


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