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The cancer services team at the Phelps Health Delbert Day Cancer Institute (DDCI) provides additional support services that work together with exceptional oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, physicians, nurse practitioners and pathologists.

A cancer diagnosis is life-changing, and the cancer services team at Phelps Health is here to provide the much-needed support and resources during patients’ journeys – from screening, to diagnosis, to treatment and into survivorship.

The Phelps Health Delbert Day Cancer Institute offers the following cancer support services:

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are voluntary research programs that involve cancer patients. The trials are carefully regulated, and Phelps Health is able to offer the same advanced treatments previously only available in bigger city hospitals. The research oncology nurse screens and enrolls patients in clinical trials and serves as the primary contact for patients during the process.  

Dietary Support

The registered dietitian meets with patients to help with colon cancer treatment-related nutrition issues. Common issues the dietitian helps with are coping with weight loss, addressing poor appetite and taste changes, dealing with side effects of treatment, and providing education and support for patients with feeding tubes.

Nurse Navigator Services

The nurse navigator offers patients and their families a single-point person to contact throughout their entire cancer journey and helps patients understand and navigate their diagnosis and treatment. The nurse navigator is one of the first contacts when patients find out they have been diagnosed with cancer and continues to offer support throughout the journey to help alleviate anxiety and improve the patient's sense of well-being.

Social Work Support

The oncology social worker provides counseling to help reduce stress for cancer patients and their families. The oncology social worker helps patients access diagnosis and treatment information, cope with the cancer diagnosis, consider decisions about finding the best cancer care in Rolla, Missouri, and more.

Support Groups

Cancer poses many challenges for patients and their families. The DDCI offers support groups that provide a safe and affirming environment and a place for people to share common concerns. Support groups are a tool to present information, provide comfort, teach coping skills and help reduce anxiety. Click here to view our support group dates.

Financial Counseling

The financial counselor helps ease concerns about cost of the care and complexities of medical insurance by educating patients about their insurance benefits (e.g., deductible, out-of-pocket expense, co-insurance, co-pays, premiums, in- and out-of-network benefits), billing questions and options for payment plans.


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